You may have a great resume and cover letter, but finding a good job and acing interviews is a big challenge. Talent recruitment agencies help with this.

Two types of agencies

Recruitment agencies help large employers find specialists. Recruiters from an agency usually have experience in HR and recruiting, understand trends in the labor market, are able to competently screen out unsuitable candidates and find (and also persuade, attract, lure) the best of the best.

The staffing agency receives payment from the company that hired it if the employee is hired. Payment terms may vary, but the principle is the same: the applicant does not owe the agency anything.

Target Hiring performs the tasks of the employer. The company provides professional recruiters with a list of vacancies and requirements for candidates so that they find and select the most suitable professionals. Agency recruiters conduct initial selection and initial stages of interviews.

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What does this agency do – more specifics

Employment agencies work for the applicant: they help write a resume, cover letters, and provide consultations with psychologists. Such agencies charge the job seeker a fee, often regardless of the outcome.

Lately, individual consultants have become popular and also provide assistance in job searches. The applicant will receive more attention and assistance, but it is extremely important not to make a mistake with an expert.

Does it make sense to look for work through an agency?

Of course, it does! There are several arguments for:

Save time: suitable vacancies are selected for you and unsuitable ones are eliminated. In addition, you do not need to collect information about a potential employer – the recruiter will be happy to provide it.

Access to more vacancies. Some companies are looking for employees only through agencies and do not publish their vacancies in open sources.

More favorable conditions. Recruiters are interested in filling a vacancy faster – their reputation and income depend on it. To attract a specialist, they will try to make a profitable offer.

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Sometimes – help with resumes and interviews. Some agencies help applicants make their resumes more marketable and give advice on how to pass an interview.

Accurate and detailed description of future responsibilities.

Some guarantees. Thanks to the agreements between the customer company and the recruitment agency, your employment conditions will be no worse than those offered at the interview.

Feedback. The agency will give honest feedback after the interview, and you can avoid mistakes in the future.

It’s all free. You don’t pay for the agency’s services—the employer does that.

How to choose an agency?

Choose an agency that will really devote enough time to you at the first stage. To find you a suitable position or see you as a suitable candidate for a vacancy in the database, the recruiter must get to know you well. Evaluate how thoroughly the agency employee studies your experience, results and personality traits.